Privacy Policy

Umbala Labs Inc. handles your personal information in our application, Umbala as follows.


This privacy policy applies to all of Umbala's services. For some of the services requiring the collection of information, we will provide further details in "Personal Information Protection Policies for Respective Services”. We will manage your personal information along with this Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection Policy for Respective Services.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties such as in the websites linked to the application.


We collect and use the following information in the services.


We collect your information including your email address, user name, mobile phone number and password. Your password is encoded in a method that makes it impossible to decode, so it is securely stored and managed. Your email address will be used when we send newsletters to members, or send notices about other services. Sometimes, we collect your real name, physical address... for further investigation if happens.


Cookies are used to improve the convenience for users such as filling in your email address automatically when you log in, or for security such as maintaining and protecting a session.


Some of the services may use location information transmitted from users' mobile phones. We only use this information within the scope necessary for the designated service.


We collect information from your device in some cases. The information will be utilized for the provision of better service and to prevent fraudulent acts. Additionally, such information will not include that which will identify the individual user.


We use the information we collect for the listed purposes.
- To help you use the services without any difficulties, moreover, we want to make statistical data about services using;
- To respond to your inquiries and notify information about the services or an advertisement of third parties (if any);
- To plan and provide new offerings of the services for the future;
- To identify you, when you make an inquiry, or to contact you, for some special occassions such as important notices about the services.


We will not provide your personal information to a third party, except in the following situations:
- When you personally agree in advance;
- When the law allows;
- When we find sufficient reasons to believe that you are violating our Terms of Services and we have to disclose your personal information in order to protect our rights, properties, or services;
- When it is necessary to protect a person's life, body, or property, and obtaining your prior consent is difficult; - In the case that your personal information is provided as a result of the succession of our business in a merger, demerger, business transfer, etc.


We may share your personal information with a business partner, in relation to the provision of the services in the future, when we need to co-work with a business partner. We will inform you about the purpose of the information use, the business partner's name, the type of shared information before we share your personal information with the business partner.


You may, at any time, confirm or correct your registered personal information such as your email address and password on the services’ website. You can also delete your account. Except for the following instances, you may request, through the procedures we separately specify, us to disclose your personal information that is unable to confirm on our website. You may request, through the procedures we separately specify, us to correct, add or delete your personal information, when and if you find that your personal information registered with us is incorrect after the disclosure.


If you are younger than 13 years old, you must obtain the consent from your legal representatives such as your parents before you provide your personal information to use Umbala.


If you have any uncertainty about this Privacy Policy or questions, complaints, or comments on the handling of personal information related to the services please contact us by using this form.