Crazy guys create magic to change the world

Be Crazy

"We need you, crazy rock-stars, to make great innovations and contribute to the disruptive world."

Team thao

Thao M. Nguyen

Founder & CEO

Palo Alto, CA, US

Team thuc

Thuc D. Vu

Angel & Advisor

San Francisco, CA, US

Team hung

Hung D. Pham

iOS Lead Engineer

HCM, Vietnam

Be Free

"Freedom leads you to think outside the box and simplify our lives."

Be Revolutionary

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”We have our own direction to discover this world. Challenge yourself by joining us to make the revolution.”

Ready to create magic with Umbala?


This team is passionate about developing Umbala as the next generation of interactive video platform. We'd like to recruit world-class engineers to help Umbala even better.

Current openings


This Studio needs talented rock-stars to create new amazing gameplays and applications for Umbala's users. You will be involved in every aspect of the development process, from brainstorming to tweaking pixels right before launch.

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This hard-working team listens to users' voices and makes sure they have the best experiences with Umbala.

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You will be the next Umblers, who will lead Umbala to the next generation. We always offer the challenging opportunities that can help you understand your abilities and follow your dreams.

Current openings